eleven and jane

Harper Earrings in Prehnite

The Harper earrings feature hammered brass triangles and Prehnite chip beading with your choice of gold fill or gold plated french hook ear wires.

Prehnite crystals help focus and enhance your efforts to seek wisdom, lighting your path to understanding.

Pendant length - 1.5"

The Harper earring got their name from Harper Lee.  My Grandpa wanted me to read To Kill a Mockingbird one summer and I didn't want to.  He won.  So thankful he insisted.  That book opened me up to so many other pieces of literature I might have skipped.  He instilled in me very young the importance of a good book and the thoughtful discussions that can sprout from them.  I always think of my grandparents love for me and their love for each other when I think of this beautiful novel.  These earrings have sharp angles combined with delicate beads, a reminder that we can be both wild and destructive, nurturing and compassionate.

"Love her, but leave her wild."  Atticus 

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